CII Honours Hindustan Zinc with the Climate Action Programme (CAP) 2.0° under Oriented Award Category

Climate Action Programme 2.0°
Climate Action Programme 2.0°

–          Hindustan Zinc won the 3rd edition of CAP 2.0 Award Ceremony in the Energy, Mining and Heavy Manufacturing Sector 

Udaipur : Hindustan Zinc, a Vedanta Group company in the zinc-lead-silver business, has been awarded by CII Climate Action Programme (CAP) 2.0° in the “Oriented Award” category at the 3rd edition of the award ceremony on October 14th, 2022, in New Delhi in the Energy, Mining and Heavy Manufacturing category.  The company received the award under the Oriented category as their strategies are aligned, climate risk is part of the Enterprise Risk Management, and the green-house gas targets are futuristic. Avinash Mishra, Adviser Natural Resources & Climate Change NITI Aayog recognised the winners of the CAP 2.0° Programme at the forum.

Hindustan Zinc believes in innovating for a sustainable future and constantly seeks ways to be more responsible in their business operations. The company has set Sustainability Development Goals 2025 for themselves wherein they are aiming towards 0.5 mn tCO2e GHG emission savings in the operations from the base year 2017 as part of the climate risk mitigation efforts. The company is committed to achieve Net Zero emission by 2050.


Commenting on this achievement Mr. Arun Misra, CEO, Hindustan Zinc, “We are happy for this achievement and being a part of CAP 2.0° Climate Action Programme. We, at Hindustan Zinc, are driven by the vision of sustainability in all aspects of our operations. The effects of climate change being felt globally show how sensitive our planet is and the need of the hour is to take positive action steps towards building a prosperous, secure, and environmentally friendly future and this commitment will undoubtedly assist us in doing so”

Hindustan Zinc underwent a rigorous evaluation process that includes on-site assessment by a peer team of CII-certified assessors who spent approximately 700 man-hours per application over a period of six months. The final shortlist of applicants was overseen by an independent non-industry-based Jury who decided the winners.

As a COP26 Business Leader, Hindustan Zinc has always been actively initiating towards tackling the repercussions of climate change. The company has made substantial progress toward its Sustainability Goals for 2025 and is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees, minimising its impact on the environment throughout its lifecycle, respecting human rights, and sharing benefits with the community.

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