Udaipur : After the Padmawat controversy, next is an episode from an erotic web series by Balaji telefilms that has sparked protest from the hindu outfits and historians in Udaipur. This time it is Maharana Pratap’s loyal and courageous horse ‘Chetak’ which has been allegedly shown in a bad light.

One of the episode which is a short tale in the web series ‘Gandi Baat season 4’ , uses  Chetak’s name several times to denote the male genital and sexuality. Members of the Sarva Samaj, Shiv Sena and Shri Ram Sena on Friday gave a memorandum to the collector calling for a ban on the web series and demanding apology from the web series producer. ” For those who all respect and worship Rana Pratap, his loyal horse Chetak is not an animal but has been raised to the position of a ‘lok devta’ who had laid his life to save his master.

Most ballads sung in praise of Pratap and Chetak describe their personalities as equivocal as they shared a number of qualities in common. It is very unfortunate that the web series team has hurt the sentiments of lakhs of people who adore and respect Chetak for his valor” Chandra Shekhar Sharm, a researcher said. Historians claim, not only in Rajasthan or India, but in foreign countries Chetak is revered for his courage and loyalty. Steeds that win races in Mauritius and many other islands are called ‘Chetak’ as a mark to denote strength and courage. 

 “Chetak is the epitome of Mewar’s glory. The horse made its way through the toughest army to reach Raja ManSingh, the commander of the imperial Mughal Sena, and reached near the elephant on which Man Singh was seated. Chetak’s loyalty towards his owner was more than the Rajput kings of his time. He not only remained loyal to his owner till he breath his last, but also rescued him from the battlefield to a safe place in spite of having a fatal wound himself. It is shameful that its name has been denoted in a bad light” claims writer and historian SriKrishna Jugnu. In Haldigati, there is a memorial erected at the place where Chetak breathed it last after rescuing Pratap from the battlefield. 

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