Can Litchi juice be consumed during off-season?


Pink and sweet, Litchi is one of the most loved fruits in India, especially during summers. Litchi is widely grown all over India. States like Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand are the top Litchi-growing states in the country. In South India, Litchis are grown in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Once harvested, a large chunk of Litchi production goes into factories to be processed into juice that is later available for public consumption. But, can you consume Litchi during off-season?

To understand this, let us first understand how often Litchi is grown in India. The fruit has two different flowering and fruiting timelines. Litchi grown in Northern India has a ripening occurring during the months of May and June. Whereas, for Southern states of India, Litchi ripens in the months of December and January.

Adding to these two timelines is that packaged juice remains fresh to consume for six to twelve months since manufacturing, as it is sealed carefully and stored in freezers.

Many manufacturers of packaged fruit juice boil fruits into pulp and use its concentrate to prepare juices. This innately kills nutrients and diminishes the high fibers present in them. However, there are some good manufacturers in the market that are mindful of these methods and hence, refuse to use them. One of the top Litchi products in the market with no added preservatives is the B Natural Litchi juice. Litchi is obtained from trusted farms all over the country and, the fruit juice itself is made out of fresh Litchi rather than fruit concentrates. The product is replete with Vitamin C and antioxidants.


While choosing fruit juices, it is best to buy one that is as close to the manufacturing date as possible. It is also best to choose products without added preservatives and artificial sugar content. Another tip to remember is that a well-stored fruit juice lasts for a long time without going bad. So always pick fruit juices that are well stored in refrigerators.


Like other juices, Litchi juice too needs to satisfy these parameters. If it does, then can you have Litchi during off-season? Yes. Carefully sealed litchi juice packs that are well refrigerated can be consumed even if the actual fruit is not available naturally.


Benefits of Litchi juice


Litchi juice has several benefits. It is made up of 70% water which helps in hydration as well as digestion. Litchi juice is famous for having a low-calorie content and is a favorite of people trying to lose weight. It is also enriched with Vitamins C and E and several antioxidants. These help repair skin, prevent wrinkles and other skin problems. The nutrients in the juice also help ward off several infections, reduce inflammations. Some of them are also known to reduce the risks of strokes and other cardiovascular ailments.


Litchi juice also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It is good at building immunity in the body. It also helps prevent skin and liver cancer, among other things. Extracts of the fruit are also known to reduce abdominal fat!


Hence, Litchi juice makes for a great addition to your diet. Though in everyday life, it is impossible to make fresh Litchi juice to consume daily. Precisely why options like B Natural Litchi juice are available in the market. They cater to all the needs and deliver a healthy and tasty Litchi juice that can be consumed even in the off-season!

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