Bhavik Mehta taking the industry of Brand Designing to next level

Bhavik Mehta

Over the last couple of decades, we have seen the tremendous rise and emergence of many digital tools,
solutions, and services. The overall digital space has been one of the most fascinating and rapidly
changing niches in the current generation. There has been a flurry of many new firms, industries, and
entrepreneurs in the digital domains which has even given great impetus and boost to the economy.
Across the globe, all countries have experienced this digital wave and shift from many conventional ways
of doing business.

Today, there are hardly any companies and professionals which are not using digital
solutions and the social sector to utilize their reach to wider masses and in turn gain market share for their
product/service and gain profits. We met one such ace digital professional who has spiralled his way to
the top in the branding and creative content designing niche, Bhavik Mehta.

Hailing from Nagpur, Bhavik Mehta is the founder of Thinkin Birds Communications Pvt. Ltd, a
one-of-a-kind integrated branding and creative content agency. They specialise in services like brand
designing, product packaging, communication designs, in-store branding, portfolio website, rebranding
and social media. Founded in the year 2013, Thinkin Birds has been a one-stop solution destination for
many clients around the world. Catering to an elite list of clientele, Thinkin Birds has serviced more than
200+ clients. The agency services over 60 clients on a retainer basis with a talented and dedicated team of
professionals throughout the year. Some of their clients include names like Dinshaw’s, Curry Up Now
(USA), Swiggy, Center Point Hotel & Resorts, LIPI Packaging Solutions, Headlands Brewing Co. (USA),
Strategic Concepts, Ghost Kitchens, Plate IQ (USA), MasterSoft, Mann Engineering Company, Bouffage
Cafe & Bistro, Panino, Ghost Kitchens, London Bubble Co, Genuine Broaster Chicken, Jimo, JD’s
Dessert Boutique, Lush House, and many more. Becoming a numero uno choice for many across the
country, Thinkin’Birds has been instrumental in providing a wide range of branding and content designing
solutions for all of its clients.

Bhavik Mehta is an ex-marketing faculty at a city college and is now the Brand Chief at Thinkin ’Birds
and has been to 90+ National & International hospitality brands for over 9 years. Bhavik has set a huge
benchmark through his tremendous performance and deliverables by providing desired results for his
clientele. Their efficient marketing methods have been instrumental. Strategic imperatives taken by the
firm have yielded their customers to build a brand in no time and further ignited many more possibilities.
A firm believer in working smart, Bhavik keeps a fort right approach in his work and covers all basics
while developing the brand which in turn helps his clientele as well. Keeping track of insights coming
from the market and deep diving with apt market research, knowledge of competitional rebuttal, and
knowing current marketing trends are some of the key parameters that Thinkin’ Birds focus on.
We hope that Bhavik Mehta and Thinkin’Birds continue to scale great heights of success in the branding
and creative content designing space and help many other firms and businesses reach their desired results.
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