Ban on Russian gymnast for supporting invasion

Doha, March 7 : The Gymnastics’ governing body on Monday banned Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak for wearing a symbol in support of invasion into Ukraine on the medal podium of a World Cup event. According to The Guardian, after winning bronze in the parallel bars final at the Apparatus World Cup in Doha, Kuliak taped the letter “Z” to the front of his outfit before standing next to the gold medallist, Illia Kovtun of Ukraine, for the national anthems. The “Z” is a letter regarded as “particularly incendiary” after it was seen on Russian tanks and vehicles in Ukraine. The symbol has become supporting President Vladimir Putin and the invasion. Russia had invaded Ukraine on February 24. According to UN, at least 364 people have been killed since Russia’s invasion. More than 1.5 million people have so far fled Ukraine into neighbouring countries, the UN has said. BAV RNJ

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