A software issue left some iPhone users snoozing through silent alarms, prompting a flurry of frustrated posts on social media. Many rely on their phones as their primary alarm clock, and the unexpected lie-in caused some chaos for early risers. Thankfully, Apple is working on a swift fix to get everyone back on track, BBC reported,
A social media user complained that she had set “like five alarms” and they didn’t go off.

While confirming the issue of silent iPhone alarms, Apple hasn’t pinpointed the cause or offered a workaround to prevent missed wake-up calls. Additionally, the number of affected users and specific iPhone models remain unknown.

The news initially surfaced on NBC’s Today Show, highlighting the plight of early risers. In the absence of an official fix, users can attempt a few solutions:

Double-Check Settings: Ensure alarms are set correctly and the volume is adequate.

Attention Feature Suspect: Some speculate that Apple’s “attention-aware features” might be silencing alarms.

These features, available on iPhone X and later models, automatically adjust alert volume based on user attention. TikTok users suggest these features could mute alarms if users sleep facing the screen.