Amid Sinking Boat in Jhelum, 5 Member Family Miraculously Saved, Rendered Homeless

Srinagar : On Thursday late night, a five member family was rendered homeless after the houseboat they were living-in sank in river Jhelum near the Museum in Lal Mandi locality of Srinagar

The family had a narrow escape as water entered the houseboat and it sank. They jumped out of it and saved themselves from drowning.
Mohammad Ashraf Kahankhasi, owner of the houseboat, said.

“However, we have now been rendered homeless as we don’t have any shelter elsewhere. We are now putting up in a neighbour’s houseboat,”

He said that he cannot afford to repair the houseboat on his own as the same costs around Rs 1.5 lakh, while they do not have the resources to afford the repairing cost.

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