Al Ain Zoo welcomes a new baby Harris Hawk

AL AIN :  Al Ain Zoo has welcomed its first Harris Hawk hatchling. Harris Hawks are birds of prey that belong to the falcon family which originally populated North and South America.

 Jawaher Salem Al Shamisi Supervisor Bird Trainer at Al Ain Zoo Said “ the baby Harris Hawk is in good health after all the necessary veterinary tests have been conducted, and it will stay in its mother’s care for 40 days before participating in one of the Zoo’s most popular events, “Desert Birds of Prey” which includes various shows for falcons, hawks, owls and parrots, giving visitors a chance of taking a memorable photo with any of the birds. The show starts at 6 pm daily in the bird enclosure.”

The Zoo has included 6 Harris Hawks in the event since 2014, among a group of 87 birds from different species. Unlike other birds of prey, the Harris Hawk is a sociable bird both between each other and with humans, living in groups even during hunting. They hunt collectively as a group, which is why they are also called sky wolves, and their presence in the wild extends from the southwestern United States to the middle part of South America.

Harris Hawks live for an average of 20 years and feed on a variety of animals including lizards, large insects, small mammals, rodents and other small birds. The bird’s beautiful colors vary between dark brown, chestnut, red and white, with long yellow legs and white tails. Adults range in height from 46 to 59 centimeters with a wingspan of between103 and 120 centimeters when extended. Females are usually larger than the males.

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