AL AIN : Al Ain Zoo has announced the launch of its 38th winter camp entitled, “Science Camp”, which will run for two weeks featuring fun exploration activities and knowledge experiences in natural sciences especially designed for participants who are passionate about the environment, science, arts, mathematics and technology. The winter camp is in alignment with the Zoo’s objective to protect wildlife and the environment while providing a creative and interactive educational atmosphere.

The winter camp is divided into two batches, the first will be on December 12th until the 16th and the second will start on December 19th and end on the 23rd. The camp is for participants aged 6 to 14 years old, Arabic and English speaking, and is designed to support the youth in various aspects such as   personality building, social communication skills and the exploration of multiple hobbies and interests, teamwork and the development of their life skills in an environment that enriches their knowledge.

Participants will get the chance to tour around the Zoo’s various facilities, learn more about animals with insights into their lives and behaviors, and go on an exciting Al Ain Safari tour. They will also explore the laboratories in the Zoo and get the chance to know more about the sustainable architectural structure of the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre.

Other features of the memorable winter camp, through its interactive science-themed activities and experiences, are visits to various animal enclosures and learning about ways to care for animals and how to prepare food for them. The camp also offers many different sports activities, a class on camping language and camping methods, exciting competitions, recycling, handicrafts, as well as recreational and educational activities.