Al Ain Zoo implements breeding programs for rare and endangered plants.

Al Ain :  Al Ain Zoo has implemented several programs to breed rare and endangered plants to sustain and preserve them, including planting about 214 Dwarf Palm trees, in different areas of the Zoo and propagation of the Carlumab by collecting its seeds.

The plants are characterized as slow-growing species, taking several months to germinate, which poses a challenge in their reproduction, in addition to the fact that they are found in rugged and scattered mountainous areas and the presence of significant threats that include animal grazing and habitat destruction due to urban sprawl.

Among its most essential and prominent achievements, the Zoo has established a seed bank specialized in collecting local plants known in the UAE and non-local environment to preserve different types of plants and sustain them for the future. The bank houses 40 varieties of seeds to meet the Zoo’s demand for plants, propagation in the nursery, and cultivation in its large areas, in addition to enhancing green garden spaces.

Al Ain Zoo seeks to raise awareness of sustainability and wildlife protection by implementing natural resource breeding programs and various initiatives to preserve wildlife.