Al Ain : Al Ain Zoo has celebrated Zoo Lovers Day, which is celebrated onthe 8th of April every year in different places of the world, with numerous special events, experiences, and activities for zoo visitors of all ages.

Visitors & all family members will enjoy a large number of unforgettable experiences, such as giraffe feeding, where all the family can feed the giraffes from a very close distance, also the penguin feeding experience, which is another interactive feeding encounter where visitors can get close to the animal and take beautiful photos, furthermore the birds feeding experience which is one of the most loved by children. Also, there are many other unique experiences at Al Ain Zoo.

Al Ain Zoo offers various luxury services in addition to its normal packages for visitors who are looking for luxury and privacy while they enjoy their time. These luxury services include Al Maha Royal that offers tours and entertainment programs such as private VIP entrance, lounge and parking area. The guests get to ride in luxury cars to Al Maha Royal’s location in comfort and style. Families that come to the Zoo with younger children, senior citizens or people of determination are offered mobile carts and other facilities that help them tour the Zoo comfortably and enjoy its main attractions.

TheZoo offers the best packages and offers at best prices, in addition to the seasonal discounts and annual memberships with many options to enable Zoo lovers to visit them as frequently as they want.

Al Ain Zoo is open to visitors throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm with enjoyable tours, experiences and activities in the midst of nature, wildlife and amazing experiences suitable for the whole family.

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