Al Ain Zoo celebrates the significant roles and contributions of women in nature and wildlife conservation on International Women’s Day

AL AINAl Ain Zoo celebrates International Women’s Day, which falls on March 8 of every year, by laudingthe Zoo’s female members who are distinguished in their respective fields in nature and wildlife conservation. The Zoo supports women and appreciates their tremendous efforts that greatly contribute to the success of the organization.

The number of female employees at Al Ain Zoo is 222 out of a total of 571 employees, working in various specializations, some of which are the first of its kind in the UAE, such as birds of prey training, anatomy and veterinary medicine.

Women have always been valued at the Zoo since its inception 55 years ago, where female cadres have been allowed to work in field operations, including animal trainers, veterinarians, veterinary nurses, nutritionists, horticulturists, laboratory and anatomy technicians, tourism and safari guides, in addition to administrative and supervisory roles in the field of wildlife protection and nature conservation.

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