Al Ain Zoo : a magnet for talented Emiratis


Al Ain Zoo is always keen to offer Emirati nationals a variety of distinguished employment opportunities, attracting personnel specialized in various fields to join the team, and providing training opportunities that enable and empower Emirati students and graduates of educational institutions to be part of this unique sector.

Since opening, the Zoo has attracted hundreds of highly skilled individuals who possess both the knowledge and expertise to be part of the family. However, since the scope of the Zoo’s work is considered to be niche, Al Ain Zoo is always keen to sustain thisknowledge by attracting the best national talents and expertise while simultaneously investing in buildingthat knowledge base by providing training and specialized programs for its employees.

The unique nature of the Zoo work environment and Zoo-keeping jobs, such as visitor service personnel, tour guides, cultural guidance, in addition to highly specialized occupations like veterinarians, lab technicians, animal food and nutrition specialists, and animal care experts; and despite the positions entailing  working during weekends and national holidays,  Al Ain Zoo has been able to attract dedicated Emirati talents to occupy these jobs, so that now, 60% of the total number of employees at the Zoo are Emirati nationals, including highly skilled employees and talented youth. It all adds up to making the Zoo a leader in empowering Emirati youth by supporting creativity, talent and excellence in the fields of animal care, nature and wildlife preservation.

The Zoo offers first-of-its-kind opportunities in nature conservation and wildlife care, ranging from in-field jobs where Al Ain Zoo has introduced the sector’s first female bird of prey trainer and female animal nutritionists, landscape gardeners and laboratoryprofessionals,in addition to administrative and supervisory fields, alongside work as tour guides and cultural guides.

Al Ain Zoo always seeks torecruit skilled Emiratis in various fields,providingthem with various training programsto enable them to keep building their knowledge and expertise,contributing to the development of a knowledge-based economy, and utilizing the specialized global expertise and best international practices.

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