Akshay Kumar’s special appearance on India’s Ultimate Warrior boosts morale of contestants


Mumbai, March 11 : Making a surprise entry on ‘India’s Ultimate Warrior’ Akshay Kumar gave both a cheer and a morale boost to the contestants of the reality show. The show hosted by martial arts master and actor Vidyut Jammwal, presented by Discovery + , drives to test the mettle of 16 contestants who apart from Jammwal are mentored by four other fighters versed in different combat forms to see who is the ultimate warrior on the basis of various aspects such as their focus, strength, control, discipline, will etc. Appearing on Episode 3 of the show, addressing the contestants Akshay Kumar said “I call myself a stuntman and then an actor”. Before kicking off the tasks, Akshay motivated everyone by sharing his own life story. He said that four contestants would be eliminated on that day, but that didn’t mean they were not good, only that they would make a comeback. He shared how he was dejected when 12-14 of his initial films flopped, but he never gave up and is still standing strong, even after 35 years in the film industry. Unlike traditional Indian reality shows which are packed with drama and masala, India’s Ultimate Warrior’s lack of it seems to have really put the actor in his comfort zone, apart from the fact that this could also be attributed to Akshay Kumar himself being a trained martial artist just like his host. It would seem that the action star was so impressed with the warriors, that he went on to tell Vidyut that he would give 10 lakh INR to the winner of ‘India’s Ultimate Warrior’ from his side. Akshay’s love of martial arts is well known and he has been quite vocal about it. He told the warriors that he had a lot of respect for them and thanked them for taking it ahead. ANV RN

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