Ballia : Jyoti Singh, the wife of Bhojpuri film actor Pawan Singh, has accused him of causing mental abuse, forcing her to have an abortion, and inciting her to attempt suicide.

Jyoti Singh the wife of Bhojpuri film actor Pawan Singh
Jyoti Singh the wife of Bhojpuri film actor Pawan Singh

Inspector Praveen Kumar Singh, in-charge of the Ballia City Police Station, stated on Sunday that a complaint from Jyoti Singh has been received and that the case is being investigated. The calls were not returned by actor Pawan Singh.

Jyoti, a Middhi area resident, stated in her complaint that she married the actor on March 6, 2018. She said that a few days after their marriage, Pawan, his mother Pratima Devi, and his sister began making fun of her appearance.

Jyoti said that her mother in-law had taken Rs 50 lakh from her maternal uncle and began beating her on a daily basis. She said that, in addition to being tormented in numerous ways, she was being pressured to commit suicide.

According to the case, she was administered a drug while pregnant that caused her miscarriage. She said that after becoming intoxicated, her husband began beating and hitting her and inciting her to attempt suicide.

She said her spouse was mentally harassing her and demanded a Mercedes car from her. Jyoti stated that she had all of the evidence for her complaint and would make it public when the time came. She filed a maintenance complaint against the actor in a family court on April 22, and Pawan Singh was served with a notice and instructed to appear in court on November 5.

Pawan, 36, is a Bhojpuri actor who rose to prominence in 2014 with the song Lollipop Lagelu. He previously married Neelam in 2014, and she committed suicide in 2015.