A face of terror in ‘Kerala Story’, Cong deals with such tendencies: PM Modi

New Delhi : Addressing an election rally in Karnataka on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised the issue of ‘love jihad’ and referred to the film ‘Kerala Story’ made on it and also targeted Congress on this issue.

He said that it is the misfortune of the country that the Congress party is seen standing with this terrorist tendency to destroy society and is making political deals with these people from the back door.

The Prime Minister addressed a public meeting in Ballari, Karnataka on Friday. He said that because of vote bank politics, Congress nurtured and sheltered terrorism.

Referring to the film ‘Kerala Story’, the Prime Minister said that Kerala is a beautiful state in the country. The people here are hardworking and talented. The ‘terrorist conspiracy’ (love jihad) going on in Kerala has been disclosed in this film. The film is based on the proxy policies of terror going on in a state.

He said that the nature of terrorism is changing. Terrorism is linked to smuggling, drug trade and communal frenzy. In the last few years, a new form of terrorism (Love Jihad) has emerged. The sound of bombs, guns and pistols is heard but there is no sound of terrorist conspiracies to hollow the society from within. Even the court has expressed concern over this form of terrorism.

The Prime Minister also accused the Congress of fabricating a ‘false narrative’ to win the elections. He said that the Congress prides itself on conducting false surveys and is doing the same in Karnataka.

During this, the Prime Minister also made a special mention of the evacuation of Indians from Sudan through ‘Operation Kaveri’ being run by the Central Government. He said that big countries are refusing to evacuate their citizens from there. Despite this, we engaged the entire Air Force and Navy in this work.