500 more EV charging points to come up by June end: Delhi Govt

New Delhi, March 14 : : As many as 500 additional charging points will come up in the national capital by June end at around 100 charging stations, Delhi Government announced on Monday. The city currently has 377 points set up across 169 stations in the national capital. Delhi government apprised that it had awarded tenders for 500 charging points. Seventy-one of these Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations will be established at metro stations and the public will be able to charge their EVs at an affordable price, Power Minister Satyendar Jain informed. “EV owners will be charged under Rs 2 per t for charging their vehicle at Delhi government’s charging stations compared to Rs 10-15 per t in other states,” he said. Dialogue and Development Commission (DDC) Vice-Chairperson Jasmine Shah said that the lowest service charge is a key bidding criterion of the project. “Users will be heavily incentivised because of the minus Rs 3.60 per t service charge that was discovered during the competitive bidding process. 12 bidders came forward for the tender and the winning bid was at the rate of minus Rs 3.60 per t,” he added. “This means instead of charging users for the service they’ll be incentivised. Charging stations in Delhi up to a load of 22 kw will run at a rate of Rs 2 per t. Usually, cities charge upwards of Rs 10 per t for the same and even go as high as Rs 15 per t,” Shah added further. Jain said the bidding process has been drafted in a private-public partnership model. “It had two distinguished areas where the government has contributed: first in providing land through different land-owning agencies; and second in providing high-side infrastructure including cabling and transmission. The private player would contribute with the smart charging stations, staff and servicing,” he added. ASH RKM

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