40 Rajasthanis stranded in Sudan, Govt issues helpline numbers

Jaipur : The Rajasthan government stated on Saturday that it is dedicated to guaranteeing the safety of its residents who are stuck in conflict-torn Sudan, and it published a list of helpline numbers for those in need. According to an official declaration, at least 40 Rajasthanis are presently trapped in Sudan.

For over a week, Sudan has been experiencing violent violence between the country’s army and a paramilitary organisation, which has allegedly killed approximately 300 people. The Bikaner House Resident Commissioner’s Office has published helpline numbers for people in need of support or information in light of the dispute, according to a statement. Those in need of assistance may dial the following numbers: 91 83060 09838, 0141-2229111, and 011-23070807.

According to the Rajasthan Foundation, the ACS (Coordination) cum Chief Resident Commissioner, Bikaner House, Shubhra Singh, has asked Non-Resident Rajasthanis (NRRs) to call the helpline numbers available on social media outlets and the Rajasthan Foundation’s website. At least 40 Rajasthanis are now trapped in Rajasthan, according to a list submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), according to the statement.

Dhiraj Srivastava, resident commissioner (Bikaner House) in Delhi and commissioner of the Rajasthan Foundation, met with MEA officials in the national capital to address the present situation and guarantee that all Rajasthanis in Sudan receive the help they require.

The state government is committed to ensuring the safety of its citizens in conflict zones and will work with NRR Mitras to support those affected by the conflict in Sudan, Srivastava added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi directed the creation of contingency plans to evacuate Indians from Sudan on Friday, following a comprehensive examination of the African country’s security situation during a high-level meeting.