4 arrested for camel sacrifice in Udaipur

Udaipur : Suraj Pole police  here  arrested 4 persons on Wednesday for the sacrifice of a camel. The sacrifice was done as a ritual to appease the deities as one of the  accused was suffering loss in his  dairy business after his cow fell ill. The accused  were identified as Shobalal (60)  his son Chandra Prakash aka Chetan Mali (26), Rajesh Ahir (35) and Raghunath Deora (26). 

According to the police, one Karan Rawariya had given a report on 24 May about a headless body of a camel lying in a secluded area behind Police Line at Tekri. The case was registered under sections 429 of the IPC and 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty Against Animals Act. During the investigation police sought CCTV footage of the area and suspected movement of few men at odd hours.

When these were identified and interrogated it was known that one of the accused Rajesh Ahir owned some 35 cows and ran a dairy business. One of his cow fell ill and the quantity of milk was reduced by half. Rajesh went  to a ‘Bhopa’ and sought remedy. Bhopa Shobhalal said his problem could be solved only if he sacrificed a camel. 

Rajesh  believed  his words and started looking for a camel which he found near the police line. On 23 May, Rajesh alongwith the three accused took the camel to a secluded place and chopped off its head with an axe and a sharp weapon. They left the body while the head was taken away for  performing some rituals. Later the head was buried in the compound of Rajesh’s house. Police discovered the head and the weapon used for killing  the state animal.

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