World’s largest flower blooms again in the forest of Indonesia

Jakarta : The world’s largest flower Rafflesia has bloomed again in Indonesia. This information was given by a man who went for trekking in the forest.

Worlds largest flower blooms again in the forest of Indonesia
Worlds largest flower blooms again in the forest of Indonesia

According to the information, when this flower is in full bloom, its diameter can be up to three feet. Like other flowers, it smells very bad instead of fragrance. The person who found this flower has also made a video and shared it online. Seeing the flower of such a large size, people are also discussing different types of flowers.

Found in Sumatra, Indonesia, this flower is called a ‘dead plant’. When in full bloom, it can weigh up to 7 kg. In the clip shared, the giant flower is shown lying on the ground in the forest. This red flower has five petals with white spots after full bloom. As the person who shot the video zoomed in inside the flower, he saw a huge swarm of bees in the middle. About 20 species of Rafflesia exist worldwide, eight of which are found in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Scientists told that this mysterious parasitic plant is attached to the ground. After full bloom, it remains in its shape for a day only. The next day this flower detaches from its stem like a rotten mushroom and falls. It also gives off a strong smell, which is quite difficult to bear.

This flower is considered a rare species. It can grow up to four feet tall when in full bloom.

These flowering plants only grow on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Sumatra is continuously ending the forest, due to which this plant has now reached the verge of extinction.

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