Sunday , 5 December 2021
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Workshop to address police personnel’s obesity conducted in Ropar

Workshop to address police personnel’s obesity conducted in Ropar

The workshop was attended by eminent personalities of the Punjab Police. Dr. Nirmaljeet Singh Kalsi, IAS (Retd.), Former Additional Chief Secretary (Home), Punjab was the chief guest along with Mr. Gurpreet Ghuggi, Bollywood Celebrity & Trustee GRD, Group of Colleges. The keynote speaker of the workshop was Ms. Lavleen Kaur, a renowned dietitian and lifestyle coach based in Chandigarh. The workshop was conducted under the able guidance of Ms. Alka Meena, IPS, SSP, SBS Nagar. 
Lavleen Kaur started the discussion on the topic “Diet to arrest police personnel’s obesity”.

She emphasized on the eating habits of the personnel which has been leading them to an unhealthy path. The participants discussed the ways and means for healthy and a disciplined lifestyle. As per the medical reports of the Punjab police personnel, approximately 50 % in the state are suffering from diseases that are caused due to stress, unscheduled meals also leading to obesity.

A recent report by Hindustan Times also mentioned ‘over work’ being one of the reasons.
The major side effect of an unhealthy lifestyle is obesity. It is quite common in our country today and the root cause as well of many underlying health diseases. Junk food, unscheduled meals, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle are a few reasons of being obese. From kids to adults the country is noticing this as a very common factor. “Where our physical activity is getting reduced, our weight is increasing.

What you eat in private gets visible in public” said Lavleen Kaur. 
While elaborating on the side effects of obesity she mentioned that it not just affects the emotional and mental health but also increases cholesterol, blood pressure, sleep apnea, and increases the chances of Type-2 diabetes, asthma, feet problems, heart problems and many more. 
While addressing the gathering she said that from being fat to fit is not an impossible journey. With easy ways and means to handle the problem one can become healthy and fit. Slight modifications in the daily routine and with a holistic approach the impossible task can be achieved with simplicity. All that one has to focus on is a balanced diet plan, regular exercise, good and sound sleep, adequate water intake and stress free lifestyle. 
One must ensure to eat right amount of food at the right time in the right quantity to manage stress and boost brain functioning.

While eating local wherever you are must be the priority, a few super foods that one must include in the diet as per Lavleen Kaur are peanuts, kala chana, bananas, coconut, makhanas, nuts and seeds, buttermilk, sattu, green juice, ghee and herbal tea. 
Tea and Alcohol are two things that are consumed highly in our state. Moderation is a must while we consume the same. Lavleen Kaur stated in her lecture that if we keep in mind a few guidelines before we consume tea or alcohol then its side effects on health are reduced. She said the best time to consume tea is 30-40 minutes post breakfast, or in the evening. Try to replace the typical tea with the intake herbal tea that includes all our indigenous herbs and spices and extract all its nutritional power along with low sugar intake. The processed sugar harms the body. However, Jaggery is the best alternative for consumption in moderation, said Lavleen. 
Excessive drinking of alcohol harms the body. The consumption of alcohol occasionally does less harm. Lavleen suggested that one must avoid drinking alcohol empty stomach as it affects the Liver. Drinking water in between the intake of alcohol is important to keep the toxicity in blood at bay. She says, while you have chosen to drink on a specific day ensure that the next day is water therapy day. On this day, the intake of water is increased in abundance to detoxify the body. 
Diet has always played a crucial role along with other lifestyle changes. A good healthy diet ensures a fit individual with no sign of being obese. Dietitian Lavleen kaur during the workshop shared a healthy sample meal plan for the police personnel to follow:
Early meal – Water, fruits/nuts & seeds, exercise
Breakfast – Traditional Punjabi Breakfast (No caffeine)
Mid meal – Herbal tea, Salad sticks
Lunch – Normal Indian meal, usage of thali to control portion is best recommended
Evening – Indian masala tea + makhana/chana/peanut/sattu/paneer/egg//boiled legumes/ sprouts/ grilled chicken
Dinner – Roti sabzi/ dal rice
Bedtime – Nutmeg water / Cinnamon water
The workshop was culminated by presenting a trophy to Dietitian Lavleen Kaur by Dr. Nirmaljeet Singh Kalsi, IAS (Retd.). Lavleen then spent some quality time with the famous comedian/actor Gurpreet Ghuggi discussing traditional practices of how the food reached in villages of Punjab back in the 90’s and how the industry has since evolved.