Women carry martyr husbands’ dreams, march forward

Women carry martyr husbands dreams march forward
Women carry martyr husbands dreams march forward

New Delhi : After the soldiers were martyred, their wives have set an example by joining the Indian Army as officers along with taking up the responsibility of children. After a year’s training to fulfill the husbands dreams, they participated in the passing out parade. After crossing the ‘last step’ for service to the nation, the women officers were commissioned into the army with two stars on their shoulders. The whole country is saluting the spirit of these women.

Two such women, who lost their husbands while serving the nation, participated in the passing out parade held at the Officers Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai on Saturday. After the death of their husbands, these women had taken a pledge to serve the country by joining the Indian Army. They enrolled in OTA to graduate from the academy to fulfill their husbands’ dreams. After a year of rigorous training, both the women have been commissioned as officers in the Indian Army. After the passing out parade, both the women officers took their children in their laps. A different kind of confidence was seen on the faces of both the women.

Lt Rigzin Chorol, a resident of Ladakh, has fulfilled the dream of her late husband Rigzin Khandap along with looking after the children. She will be the first woman officer of the Indian Army from the Ladakh region. Her husband was a rifleman in the Jedang Sumpa Battalion of Ladakh Scouts. After he died in an accident while on duty, Chorol decided to join the army because her husband wanted to become an army officer. Economics graduate, Chorol said she also wanted to join the army to give her child a proud environment, she has missed her son’s childhood during training, but she was sure her husband will be proud of her.

The second woman cadet to take training from the Officers Training Academy is Harveen Kahlon, who took the lead in wearing the uniform by joining the army after the martyrdom of her husband Major KPS Kahlon. She was a teacher in a private school in Jalandhar. Harveen said that her husband had encouraged her to join the army and she wanted to make his dream a reality. Harveen has also presented the hallmark of making dreams come true by taking the responsibility of children after the death of her husband. Ladakh Scouts Colonel of the regiment Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Regiment congratulated Lt Rigzin Chorol and Harveen Kahlon on their achievement.

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