Tuesday , 13 November 2018
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Woman arrested over CBSE class 10 paper leak, police say case solved

The crime branch of Delhi Police on Thursday arrested a woman in connection with the leak of Central Board of Security Education (CBSE) class 10 Mathematics examination paper. Earlier on Thursday, DCP Ram Gopal Naik had said that the department had solved the class 10 paper leak case.

The board is slated to conduct re-examination of class 12 CBSE Economic paper on April 25 while it has decided to not go for re-examination of class 10 Mathematics paper, claiming that there was no widespread leak of the paper.

Last week, three people, including a teacher, were arrested from Himachal Pradesh in connection with the leak of Class 12 Economics paper. Police were tracking the three persons – the teacher, a clerk and a support staff – and finally nabbed them from Himachal.

The police had earlier said that the leak of the papers happened either at the board level or at the time when they were kept in the banks. Suspecting that the leak might have happened from outer Delhi or Haryana, police had scanned CCTV footages from the banks in certain areas to see whether there was some suspicious activity around the time the papers were kept there.

The Delhi Police had lodged two cases over the CBSE question papers leak. The first case related to the leak of class 12 Economics question paper was lodged on March 27, while the other pertaining to the leak of class 10 Mathematics paper was lodged on March 28, following a complaint by the board’s regional director.

The examinations for the class 12 economics papers and class 10 mathematics were held on March 26 and March 28, respectively.


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