Thursday , 23 March 2023
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Will Your Credit Card Get Cancelled If You Don’t Pay Your Credit Card Bills in Time?

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Users with credit cards can make purchases and other transactions on credit, allowing them to spend money today and make payments later. Your transactions are initially paid for by banks or credit card firms, and you must eventually reimburse them for their costs. You can choose MobiKwik to make your HDFC credit card payment or any other for simpler, faster, and more seamless payments. You become a credit card defaulter when you don’t pay the spent amount on time (also known as the credit card billing cycle), which is sent to you as your credit card bill. There is hope even if you default on your credit card. You must deal with the repercussions of being a credit card defaulter and adhere to procedures that will raise your credit score to get back on track.

What If You Cannot Clear Your Credit Card bill?

  • It is possible for anyone to miss a credit card payment. But being aware of the potential repercussions can be helpful.
  • Your credit card provider could notify you that a payment is past due if you forget to make it.
  • These might be expressed by phone calls, emails, letters, or texts.
  • Additionally, a late fee might be assessed.
  • Also, the late fee could go up if a subsequent payment is overdue within a few billing cycles.
  • Look up the details of late fees in your credit card’s terms and conditions to learn the exact amount.
  • However, missed payments could result in far more than late fees.
  • If you don’t make the due repayment within sixty days of the deadline, your card issuer might raise your interest rate.
  • Your credit scores may drop depending on how much of late payments you make.

What If You Couldn’t Pay Your Credit Card for a Few Months?

  • Some credit card firms may not report just a few days late accounts. Yet you still can be charged a fee for late payment.
  • Late payment may be notified to credit bureaus after 30 days have passed.
  • If it has been 60 days already since your last credit card payment, the lender may add a penalty yearly percentage rate (APR) on your account, depending on your lender and the terms of your account.
  • Every 30 days, card issuers typically disclose late payments.
  • One of several variables that affect credit scores is late payments. However, the delayed the payment, the worse the impact on your credit score.
  • At any time, card issuers can send your account to a third-party debt collector or their own collection department for recovery.

What If Credit Cards Are Never Paid Off?

  • A credit card firm is required to charge off an account when it is 180 days past due.
  • The account has been closed permanently and written off as a loss.
  • However, you’ll continue to be accountable for whatever debt you owe.
  • Your lender may attempt to recover the debt in several ways.
  • Utilizing the lender’s collection division or a third-party debt collector is one of these options.
  • Remember that charge-offs could last up to seven years on your credit report.
  • And it might have an impact on how lenders evaluate your future loan or credit card applications as well as your credit scores.
  • Certain card issuers might be ready to work with you if you’re having trouble making payments.
  • It’s crucial to let your credit card company know what’s happening as soon as you can.

What to Do If You Can Not Pay Your Credit Card Bill?

  • Even if you cannot pay the total amount and attempt to settle the minimal amount, credit cards will allow you to pay the minimum amount due in order to maintain card functionality.
  • The most excellent resource for assistance is your bank, so talk to them: Pick up the phone and call your bank if you believe you won’t be able to make the minimum monthly payment.
  • The most straightforward and sensible thing you can do is to discontinue using your credit card. You must refrain from using a credit card if you already have trouble paying your payments.
  • Choose a balance transfer. It enables you to move your current credit card debt to a different account with a lower interest rate as part of your debt management plan.
  • A personal loan to settle your credit card debt is an additional choice.


Making HDFC credit card payment or any other using MobiKwik is an effective way to pay off your Credit card bills safely, securely, and conveniently. A credit card debt carries a significant level of risk. If not treated carefully, it can result in some pretty terrible conditions. To guarantee that you settle your credit card bills on time, ensure an efficient debt management system is in place. Talk to your credit card company as soon as you can if you notice that you are having trouble paying off your debt.