Saturday , 19 June 2021
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Venkaiah Naidu advocates healthy lifestyle as propagated by our forefathers

He was delivering a convocation address at the JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research in Mysuru in Karnataka on Friday. A sedentary lifestyle and modern food habits, he said, is leading to non-communicable diseases.

He prescribed Yoga and proper diet for a healthy lifestyle. Saying that Indian doctors have a reputation worldwide, he said, India is a major healthcare destination in the world. 

He however asked doctors to communicate, counsel and be ethical with patients.

Quoting a study by IIM Ahmedabad, the Vice President said that the report says that there are several instances of conducting caesarian operation for financial gain and in spite of alternatives available, expensive medicines are prescribed by medical practitioners.

He called upon doctors to visit schools and create awareness about a good and healthy lifestyle.

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