Undertrial prisoner escapes police custody from Udaipur hospital

Udaipur : Chaos prevailed in the government MB hospital premises here on Saturday morning when an undertrial prisoner escaped from the police custody. The prisoner fled on the pretext of going to toilet.  ” This was an arrested accused by Chittorgarh police and was brought here for treatment by their police guard for which no information was given to the local police. Only when he escaped then the local station was informed. We have lodged an FIR at Hathipole station” Udaipur SP Kailashchandra Bishnoi told .

Kanhaiyalal son of Bhanwarlal Rawat was lodged in Chittorgarh central jail under rape charge. He fell sick and was referred for treatment to Udaipur civil hospital and was brought in police custody here. He was admitted two days ago in one of the ward. On saturday, he asked the  guard to be taken to the toilet. The guard took him to the toilet and waited outside,meanwhile the prisoner managed to jump off from the window. When the man did not come out after long time, the guard looked for him inside the toilet and found him missing. The hospital administration and police looked for the prisoner in the surroundings but he was not found. Later a report was given at the Hathipole police station.

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