Udaipur police strip ,thrash travellers despite permit to travel

Udaipur : Three men travelling from Surat to Punjab via Udaipur were stripped and thrashed badly by the police and they had to spent a night in the lockup inspire of holding valid travel permission from two states and pass issued from the local SDM of the area.  Aggrieved by the humiliation the men have complained the matter to the SDM who further reported the incident to police authorities . 

Vikas Mod, ShashiKant Agarwal from Sikar and Anuj Gupta ,resident of Punjab had gone to a chemical factory at Surat and they were returning back to Sikar via Udaipur. The men had e-permissions from both the Punjab and Gujarat governments and when they reached Udaipur district on Sunday night , they met the SDM of Kherwada block Anil Kumar who issued them permit to travel to Sikar. When the men reached Parsad check post the police stopped them and misbehaved. Despite repeated requests and showing them the permits,the cops didn’t listen and took them to station where allegedly the three men were hit badly. They were stripped and put inside the lockup. The men told media lateron that a case was charged against them under section 151 of the CrPC .

Vikas also said that he had called up the SDM and requested the SHO Subash Parmar to speak to the officer so as to verify their permit but the SHO didn’t listen and manhandled them. SDM Anil Kumar said ” One of them called me over phone past midnight and said that the police was thrashing them and when I tried to explain ,the SHO didn’t come on the phone to speak. I could hear the police hurling abuses and hitting them. Police shouldn’t misbehave with people who have valid pass” .  Meanwhile ASP AtturRehman said the three men escaped the checkpost at Rishabdeo and hence the police caught them at Parsad . They misbehaved with the cops and tried to make calls despite warnings and hence a case was taken against them . 

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