Two civillians killed by terrorists in separate incidents in Kashmir valley 

Eyewitnesses said Sagar was walking with another civilian when two terrorists shot him dead. Director General of J&K Police, Dilbagh Singh said police teams and have fanned out in the area to catch the killers.

In another incident A punjab-based apple trader was killed and another injured in a militant attack in Shopian district,Wednesday evening. Charanjeet Singh and Sanjeev were shot at Trenz by 3-4 militants around 7.30 pm.

They were taken to the district hospital in Pulwama in a critical condition. Charanjeet succumbed to his injuries while Sanjeev’s condition is stated to be critical, they said.

The killings come less than three days after a truck driver from Rajasthan was shot dead in Shopian. Terrorists have been targeting labourers, who have come to Jammu and Kashmir from outside the state, to create fear among them and disrupt trade

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