Thursday , 13 December 2018
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Triple Talaq Bill not tabled due to lack of consensus in Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu said that Private members’ bills will be taken up as scheduled on Friday.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar has held Congress party especially Rahul Gandhi responsible for Triple Talaq Bill not getting passed by the Rajya Sabha. 

He said that Congress has seperate strategies for Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha on the issue. 

He also appealed for consensus to ensure smooth passage of the bill. 

Ananth Kumar added that government’s fight to ensure adequate rights to Muslim women will continue.

Government had expressed its intent to take up Triple Talaq and two other important bills in Rajya Sabha. 

The bill was also a part of the list of business of the House for the day. 

However opposition raised questions on the decision to set aside private members bills to take up Triple talaq. 

A point of order was raised by TMC. As a result no consensus could emerge on it. 

Earlier in the day Rajya Sabha was adjourned till post lunch after the opposition created a din over the Triple Talaq bill. 

Some members of the opposition also wanted setting up of a Joint Parliamentary commission on the rafaele contract.


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