Thursday , 9 December 2021
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Trailer run over to kill pregnant woman, baby dies in hospital

Trailer run over to kill pregnant woman, baby dies in hospital

Udaipur : In a heart-rending incident, a 7 month pregnant woman was killed after being mowed down by a trailer on Chittorgarh- Bhilwara road on Monday evening. The woman delivered the baby on the road and died while a doctor was called who  cut the umbilical cord. he infant and others were rushed to the hospital but doctors could not save the baby. 

Balaraj Dholi son of Kanhaiyalal resident of Sadar Bazar , his wife Hema (35) and their 7 year old son Raghav were returning home on a motorbike from Gangrar after attending a mourning ritual. Near Azoliya ka Kheda village on Bhilwara road, a trailer hit their bike from behind. The trailer ran over Hema who died while the baby came out alive. Balraj and Raghav sustained serious injuries who were reffered to Udaipur hospital.

The woman and infant’s bodies have been shifted to the mortuary and the autopsies would be held on Tuesday. Large number of people gathered at the spot and police had a tough time pacifying them. Family members were inconsolable after knowing about the horrifying accident. They told the police that Hema’s uncle had passed away and so the family had gone to attend the prayer meeting. 

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