TN Governor’s disclosure: Foreign funded protesters made Sterlite shut down

Chennai : The highest constitutional authority in Tamil Nadu has come out with a disclosure on Thursday which is certain to send shivers down the spine of social activists and evangelists. The closure of Sterlite Industries Ltd at Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu was the handiwork of foreign-funded organisations in the country which are fighting against the development of our nation, according to R N Ravi, the Governor of Tamil Nadu.

Addressing a group of civil service aspirants as part of his THINK TO DARE, a series of lecture meant for the youth of the State, Governor Ravi, who is a widely respected intelligence professional in the sub-continent, said that the protest against Sterlite Industries Ltd at Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu was a foreign funded initiative by foreign and external elements.

“Today foreign and external elements are not in a position to take on India directly. So our vulnerability is within. Their style of subversion is to create Issues, create disharmony , create a situation which will stop progress , create tension and create riots. Take the case of Sterlite Industries in Thoothukudi. It was purely a foreign funded activity which led to protests and police firing at the protesters. Unfortunately, Innocent lives were lost. The protesters wanted Sterlite to be shut down because the company produced 40 per cent of the copper requirement of the country. Copper is important for the electronic industry,” said the Governor.

It is certain that the DMK and MDMK would come out with demands to call back the Governor because Vaiko was in the forefront of the agitation with evangelists and extremist organisations demanding the closure of Sterlite Industries.

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