Thursday , 23 March 2023
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The Story Of The Super Cop – Himanshu Singh Rajawat

The Story Of The Super Cop – Himanshu Singh Rajawat

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Himanshu Singh Rajawat, SHO, Kapasan is popularly known as the ‘Super Cop’, especially after having spent 7 years in jail for the encounter of a wanted drug dealer. He is not only known to bring justice to the innocent but also, being a responsible and honest citizen.

Despite being arrested and allegedly accused of a ‘Fake Encounter’ he did not lose faith in the judicial system and fought hard to prove his innocence. He along with other 22 police officials and politicians of Rajasthan and Gujarat were held behind bars for many years as accused under the Sohrabuddin encounter case carried out in 2005.

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Inspector Himanshu Singh Rajawat is not simply called Singham of Rajasthan. Inspector Himanshu Singh Rajawat is a master in both tasks whether it is to rein in the criminals or to keep himself fit. Along with keeping himself fit, he keeps instructing the rest of the officers of his department also to stay fit. Inspector Himanshu has got a gym built in Bhayander Thane, Udaipur. In regards to the importance of keeping himself fit he says, “If my jawans are healthy and stress free, they will do the work with extra energy and enthusiasm. I myself believe in fitness. That’s why wherever I served, in all those police stations, I made small gyms with the help of Bhamashahs so that my jawans and I always stay fit.”

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The name of SHO Himanshu Singh Rajawat is also associated with the famous Sohrabuddin encounter case. As much as Himanshu Singh Rajawat, posted in Rajasthan Police, is in the headlines for his looks, he was equally famous for the high profile Sohrabuddin case. This was on November 26, 2005, when a joint team of Gujarat ATS and Rajasthan STF had encountered history sheeter Shorabuddin of Madhya Pradesh in Gujarat. Himanshu Singh Rajawat, who was appointed sub-inspector at that time, was also an accused in this case. He was accused of firing at Sohrabuddin. In this case, Himanshu remained in jail for about seven years and three months. However, in 2018 he got a clean chit and was released from jail. In this case, 22 other police officers and politicians including Himanshu were arrested.

Despite all this, SHO Himanshu Singh Rajawat never lost his courage and always showed honesty towards his duty and responsibilities. He has also been socially active in fighting against all types of crimes. Regarding this, Himanshu Singh Rajawat along with a few other people has formed a group on Telegram named “Swachh Social Media”. This is an open group where anyone can join. This group was created with the aim to fight against the growing online crimes, especially on social media. Anyone suffering from any online threats or crimes can lodge a complaint on this group. Himanshu Singh Rajawat along with the Cyber Crime Team personally looks into the matter to solve the complaint.