Friday , 30 July 2021
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The Next Gen tech Entrepreneur of India

The Next Gen tech Entrepreneur of India

Born in the year 2000 in Jammu, Manpreet was very intrigued by the computers and other gadgets since he was 3. Having found his first love at such an early age, Manpreet always planned of thinking out of the box and was convinced of being his own boss as he particularly disliked the idea of taking orders from someone and doing their work and getting paid.

Manpreet’s primary exposure to the understanding of business and business models was through literature in which he read about the greats like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs etc. 
Having lost his father to cancer when he was just 9, Manpreet saw his mother stay strong and work hard to get food on the table for herself and her family.

This inspired Manpreet and he became more convinced to become successful if not for anyone else but his mother. 

At the age of 12, Manpreet started developing his own websites which he converted into a business model and started getting clients for the same and earning money. In 2017, Manpreet got the chance to attend three workshops organized by Microsoft India, this was particularly special to him because he had learnt a major part of web designing from Microsoft’s free resources available online. 
Manpreet met Mr Bikram Singh Multani and driven by passion and innovation, they founded Innokrats, a tech company which focuses on Network Attached Storage Devices in 2018. 

Manpreet relocated to London for his higher studies and hence Innokrats also moved with him. Currently, he works in the Tech Sector, real-estate sector, Food tech and sustainable fashion.

Manpreet and Bikram have a few expansion plans for the year 2020 wherein they plan to launch his company in the West Bikram’s primary responsibility is focusing on the development of the products and business structure while Manpreet’s main job is Public Relations, Branding and marketing. 
Manpreet says that he is happy how his life is heading and currently even though he has everything that he wanted, he would not sit down and keep struggling to achieve great heights every single day, he also has a piece of advice for young entrepreneurs like himself which is to have passion and trust in whatever they do and keep learning no matter what happens, this he says would definitely turn into success one day.