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Visitors to learn about flora-fauna, tribal life at Sajjangarh Palace

Udaipur : Visitors coming here at SajjanGarh fort popularly known as the Monsoon Palace , would not just see the splendour of the heritage monument but also get an insight about the sculpture, architect and story behind the making of the fort.  The Forest Department has developed a nature interpretation center and a tribal museum here which is now open for ... Read More »

Minor tribal couple found hanging after denied marriage due to same gotra

Udaipur : A minor tribal couple allegedly committed suicide on Thursday morning  by hanging themselves from the same noose in Dungarpur’s Sadar police station area limits. They appeared to have taken this step after their families allegedly refused to let them marry, as they belonged to the same gotra (lineage),  the police said.  This happened in Asera Katara Fala village. Some ... Read More »

Shiksha Sambal – Bridging Gaps In Rural & Tribal Education

Hindustan Zinc’s Shiksha Sambal Project by now has provided remedial classes in Maths, Science & English to over 60,000 rural & tribal students in Rajasthan Hindustan Zinc under its Shiksha Sambal Project is organizing 10 Summer Camps in 5 districts of Rajasthan for over 1400 rural & tribal students participating in it who are appearing in 10th & 12th Board Exams this ... Read More »

Remedial classes for tribal rural kids to help get over Maths, English fear

Girls at one of the government schools being taught science under the project. Udaipur : Mathematics, English and Science are considered the most feared subjects among kids in government schools. However, an innovative project undertaken by volunteers has gone a long way to help students overcome their fear of these subjects and do fairly well in board examinations. The project that ... Read More »

Tribal women find new income source from goat milk now!

  Udaipur : For many, cow milk is completely out of the question. It’s difficult to digest, high in allergens and loaded with lactose that can wreak havoc on gastrointestinal tract. Enter goat milk, a nutrient-rich alternative that’s tasty, easy on the gut and far less inflammatory than regular cow’s milk. In a first, Udaipur administration has joined hands with ... Read More »

Tata Power gives new lease of life to 450 tribal youth through ITI Jawhar

Mumbai : Tata Power Company, along with its fully owned subsidiary Tata Power Skill Development Institute (TPSDI) has given a new lease of life to 450 tribal youth through Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Jawhar in association with ‘STRIVE’ – a Skill Development Scheme by the Government of India. This initiative will help provide better livelihood to local tribal youth under ... Read More »

A sanitary pad bank for tribal women

Udaipur : Buying a pack of sanitary pads is considered luxury here and not a necessity. Using old scraps of cloth wasnt a durable solution with most of the women having limited sets of clothing to cover themselves for a year. So female folk in Dodawali, a tribal village in Girwa block, just 30 kilometers away from the district headquarters, managed ... Read More »

Tribal communities from West India unite at Samvaad 2018

Third in series of regional meets to catalyse dialogue kicks off Udaipur : The third regional meet of Samvaad 2018 kicked off in Udaipur, Rajasthan today. The Samvaad 2018 regional meets, organised by Tata Steel’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team, support the rich and incalculable heritage of India’s tribal communities by providing a platform to share ideas and perspectives over ... Read More »

Two tribal hamlets gear up towards establishing ‘village republics’

Udaipur : Chhali and Aada Haldu, two remote settlements inhabited by less educated tribal folks in Ambasa panchayat of Phalasiya in Jhadol tehsil which falls under the Fifth schedule area, may be backward in terms of facilities, but, villagers are taking major steps towards making themselves self reliant and progressive. Residents here are seeking implementation of PESA (Panchayats Extension to Scheduled ... Read More »

‘UNCHI Udaan’ Give Wings To 56 Select Rural & Tribal Students

With a focus on Education, this year Hindustan Zinc initiated ‘Unchi Udaan’ – an Educational Excellence Initiative in association with Resonance Eduventures Pvt. Ltd. and Vidya Bhawan, Udaipur. Built on the company’s Shiksha Sambal Program, the initiative aims at providing free coaching to select 56 rural & tribal students to appear and get through the IITs and other prestigious Engineering ... Read More »

Tribal women made to lie down in open after tubectomy in Udaipur village

Udaipur :  Lakhs of rupees are spent on medical and health services specially for rural areas, however, due to sheer negligence of authorities and female sterilization not on the priority list, poor patients are left to suffer. Such an incident has been reported from the community health center in Jhadol, a remote tribal block,  where women/patients were made to sleep out ... Read More »

No roads! Tribal women have less access to hospital delivery in Kotra 

Udaipur : Despite incentives, institutional setups, ambulances and a band of health workers, deliveries are no less nightmares for pregnant women in Kotra block of Udaipur district. Seeta wo Kanti Kapasiya, resident of Amba village delivered a still born baby on roadside two days back while she was being taken on a cycle to the nearest health center. Ironically, from her ... Read More »