Son chops off father’s head in Rajsamand village

Udaipur : In a gruesome incident, a 35-year old man severed his father’s head with a sword and axe in Navliyapag ka Badiya village of Chhapli panchayat under Devair police station area on Monday night. The reason behind the murder is yet not clear as the accused is absconding. He worked in a hotel in Ahmedabad and had come to the village on Saturday and his father had gone to the bus stand to receive him, police said. Teams have been sent to find him.

” Amraram Salvi, the accused reportedly killed his 80-year-old father Pemaram on monday night. He lived with his younger brother in Ahmedabad and worked in some hotel there. He is married but his wife left him some time ago” LaxmanSIngh Chundawat, SHO Dewair police station told .

According to sources, Amraram wasnt under any addiction neither was an alcoholic, however, his mental condition is said to be unstable. He was said to be under the influence of tantriks and conjurers. The family members told police that the old man had gone to sleep after dinner. Some time later Amraram struck on his father’s neck several time till the old man’s head was severed. Villagers collected after hearing the shouts of the family members but Amraram jumped off the boundary and escaped. ” A panchnama had been made and the body has been given to the family after autopsy. The reason for the murder is not clear and it would be only known once the accused is caught” Chundawat said.

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