Monday , 18 October 2021
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Samsung Global Goals App: Changing the World Together by 2030

Samsung Global Goals App: Changing the World Together by 2030

Discover what each of the 17 goals is all about. Find out which ones matter most to you.


In the Samsung Global Goals home screen colorful tiles with conceptual symbols represent each of the 17 goals. The app provides users information about the sustainable development goals.

Get the facts

See the numbers and learn about key areas the Global Goals are working to improve.


In the Samsung Global Goals app, a sample goal card describes a goal’s background and objective, and the following “Facts & Figures” card provides relevant statistics about the current status of each challenge.

Monitor donations


Track your donation history, and see which goals need your help the most.

Support a special cause


Whether it is clean water, accessible education, or a peaceful society, we want you to champion a cause you believe in.

Each time you send funds, select which goal you want that donation to be directed toward. Your contribution will go on to put that goal into action. Afterwards, the app will continue to keep you updated on the projects that benefited from your help.

The Samsung Global Goals app puts its advertising revenue in your hands. Every in-app ad you view earns money to be donated.


Explore the app and its features to earn donation money for the Global Goals. The dashboard shows you how much you have collected.


Each time you donate, you get to choose where it goes. Pick a different goal every time, or keep supporting a favorite.

Give your goals a boost with Samsung Pay

By viewing in-app ads, you can raise funds that can be donated to any goal of your choice. But you don’t have to wait for money to accrue. Jump start our progress towards the goals by donating directly with either Samsung Pay or Google Pay. To view your previous donations, even if you’ve installed a new Global Goals app, simply sign into your Samsung Account.

Samsung doubles your impact

As a global corporate citizen, we at Samsung are proud to now be matching your donation from watching the advertisements. Let’s work together to create innovations that defy barriers to progress, and create values aligned with the Global Goals. The future is right around the corner, so make a donation today.

Energize your lock screen

Make your phone’s display a billboard for change.
Turn on the lock screen feature and the Global Goals app will display a new engaging message from history’s most influential leaders each time you reach for your phone.