Sunday , 1 August 2021
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Sahib Singh Sadana volunteers to help the needy during Covid-19 Pandemic

Sahib Singh Sadana volunteers to help the needy during Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to that, a lot of people are either losing their jobs or are forced to choose low-paid employment. In these challenging times, daily wage workers and poor people are the ones profoundly affected. They are either already devastated or are on the brink of this pandemic.

But many people are stepping out in support of these people by any means they can. Of course, the government is doing its job, but this is the time everybody should come together to support and help each other. Sahib Singh Sadana, a full-time blogger and a photographer, has been doing this since the lockdown has started in India.

Popular on Instagram, Sahib is trying his best to save lives by donating food and other essential supplies out of his savings for travelling. Seeing the critical situation of the lockdown and its effect on migrant workers, he decided to help poor and backward families. A lot of these people include migrant workers who have witnessed the worst days of their lives. He says, “We need to understand the need of the hour.

It is important to save lives. Travel can wait, but people will die because of hunger if they don’t get food. So, I’ve decided to use all my savings to donate food and other supplies which I kept for travelling.”

Sahib has donated a considerable portion of his savings to several local and state-level NGOs. He also contributed his part to the national public charitable trust – PM Cares Fund. To date, Sahib has helped over fifty families directly by providing them with food and other essentials. And he will keep on doing so until the situation will get normalized.

We all know travel and hospitality is another industry that is most affected by this pandemic. And Himachal Pradesh, one of India’s top holiday destinations, has been hit hard.

The local guides and people associated with the unorganized travel sector have incurred huge losses. Seeing the worst situation of the people, Sahib decided to help them monetarily and by providing essential supplies for their daily needs.

As far as Sahib’s income is concerned, he is generating revenue by working as a financial and investment advisor from his home in this Covid-19 crisis.

Further, Sahib has been working as a freelance photographer and submitting stock photos on various platforms to generate funds. He says people need to understand that it is crucial to support local and small businesses otherwise they will get shut down due to increasing cost of operating the business and shutting down of businesses is not good for any economy.

Sahib says, “it is very important to choose a healthy lifestyle otherwise many more diseases will hit us soon”. According to him, everyone should choose a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. It’s our responsibility to protect the environment and other living beings so that we can prevent future pandemics. Sahib Singh Sadana is on a mission to travel sustainably and promote the same to people across various parts of India.