Route Mobile’s arm signs agreement with Uganda Telecommunications Corporation

Route Mobile’s wholly-owned step-down subsidiary — 365squared has signed an exclusive agreement with Uganda Telecommunications Corporation (UTCL/Uganda Telecom) to provide comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) based A2P SMS firewall solutions and managed services to empower UTCL to effectively analyze A2P SMS traffic terminating on its network. Further, Route Mobile, as an exclusive Gateway for UTCL, will leverage its reach across global enterprises to maximize A2P SMS volumes terminating on UTCL network.

In its contracted capacity, 365squared will deploy its real-time AI/ML based A2P SMS firewall solution within Uganda Telecom’s SMS infrastructure, as well as integrate with the SSTP (both for SMS submission and reconciliation of delivered SMS), and ICB (Inter-connect Billing) / Reconciliation solution, along with other relevant network elements such as Testing, Commissioning, and Support. 365squared will also provide managed services around the firewall solution to enable UTCL to fully leverage the solution. Furthermore, 365squared and Route Mobile will be an Exclusive Gateway for the network, driving higher volumes of A2P SMS traffic on UTCL network.

Route Mobile is a cloud communications platform service provider, catering to enterprises, over-the-top (OTT) players, and mobile network operators (MNO).

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