Tuesday , 9 March 2021
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Riva Ganguly Das: Connectivity between India & Bangladesh is game changer

She said that projects in road, railways, inland waterways and ports between the two countries create a win win situation for both the countries. She also talked about the digital connectivity as an exciting area for connectivity in the future.

On the issue of the Indo-Pacific region Riva Ganguly Das said that India believes in an inclusive Indo-Pacific which is safe, secure and stable. She said India believes in freedom of navigation and respect for sovereignty of all in the region .

Former Information & Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari said that the 21st century is the Asian Century and South Asia is its economic driver.

State Minister for Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh Md. Shahriar Alam said Bangladesh believes the Indo-Pacific strategy and Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are not conflicting but complementary to each.

Prof. Minwang Lin of Fudan University said that for China the focus is on Asia – especially East Asian countries. Challenging the concept of the Indo-Pacific he said it is an artificial concept with no firm basis in geography. The Dhaka Global Dialogue will conclude on Wednesday.

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