Residents stage protest after dumper mow down 2 youths

Udaipur : Tension prevailed for some hours  in Udaipur on Monday morning when two youths were killed when they were run over by a speeding dumper in Dhol ki Pati area under Savina police station limits. Large number of residents gathered at the spot and  staged a protest while refusing to shift the bodies to the mortuary.

People even blocked the road and reportedly pelted stones on the highway, additional forces from 4 police stations  were pressed in to hold the situation. Officials from the police and district administration held mediation talks to appease the public which was  adamant on calling the dumper owner at the spot and then only allow the bodies to be shifted. 

The incident took place around 8.30 am when Kalyan Singh and Hola Gameti, residents of nearby Titardi were going on a motorcycle. An over-speeding dumper hit their bike and both of them died on the spot. The driver fled from the spot. People were infuriated and collected in large numbers within some time. They blocked the highway and pelted stones. Later protesters retreated after public representatives and elders intervened and assured  appropriate action.

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