Wednesday , 4 August 2021
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Rajasthan: Dark clouds threaten Gehlot government

Rajasthan: Dark clouds threaten Gehlot government

Two people have also been arrested in this case. Gehlot has expressed confidence that his government is stable and will complete the full five-year term.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Gehlot has called a meeting of the Legislative Party at 10.30 AM on Monday amid the rapidly changing political scenario in the state. Earlier in the day, many MLAs and ministers visited Chief Minister’s residence to meet CM Gehlot. Congress MLA from Kishanpol seat of Jaipur, Amin Kagji admitted that more than 15 MLAs of the party are in Delhi. He also expressed confidence that all the MLAs will return to Jaipur by Monday morning.

Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot had said that all the MLAs are with the party. Discussion in the state remain on about whether there is indeed a conspiracy in all these incidents, or is it the result of internal resistance within the Congress.