Sunday , 9 May 2021
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PM Modi appeals for maintaining peace & harmony ahead of SC’s verdict on Ayodhya case

In a series of Tweets, PM Modi said…..’SC Verdict on Ayodhya case is coming tomorrow. Entire country was watching with anticipation as the Apex court was hearing the matter continuously for the past few months. It is commendable that during this, all sections of the society have made efforts to maintain peace and harmony’

‘In the run up to Ayodhya verdict, efforts have been made by various people and organisations to maintain harmonious atmosphere. We have to maintain amity even after Ayodhya verdict.’

‘Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya will not be matter of victory or loss for anyone….I appeal to countrymen that it should be our priority to strengthen our tradition of maintaining peace and harmony after Ayodhya verdict’

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