Tuesday , 25 June 2019
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PM Modi addresses Global Business Summit in New Delhi

PM Modi addresses Global Business Summit in New Delhi

Addressing the Global Business Summit in New Delhi, Mr Modi said, he wants the nation to have countless startups, and be a leader in the global drive towards renewable sources of energy.

The Prime Minister said that government is working hard to create a New India which fulfils the aspirations and dreams of 130 crore Indians.

He said, his vision of new India includes addressing the challenges of the future while also solving problems of the past.

PM Modi said, his government caters to all sections of the society, irrespective of their economic profile, their caste, creed, language and religion.

The Prime Minister asserted that when his government came to power, there was a complete policy paralysis, plagued by runaway inflation and rising current account deficit.

He said, but in the last five years, hesitation has been replaced by hope, obstacles have given way to optimism, and initiatives have replaced issues.

The Prime Minister said, under the NDA government, the country witnessed the highest post-liberalisation growth rate of 7.4 per cent and lowest inflation of less than 4.5 per cent under the NDA government’s rule.

e said, reforms like GST have laid a solid foundation for higher GDP growth.

The Prime Minister said, before 2014, there was a competition between Ministries and individuals on corruption and on delays, but now there are competitions between developments on achieving targets.

PM Modi said, today while India prepares to send a man to Mars, it is also ensuring that every Indian has a roof over his head. He said, while India is building 100 smart cities across the country, it is also ensuring rapid progress in over 100 aspirational districts.

Prime Minister  Modi said, while India has made its fastest train, it has also eliminated all unmanned railway crossings.

The Prime Minister said, India has become a net exporter of electricity, and it has also ensured that crores of households got electricity.

PM Modi credited the people of the country for the change on the ground, saying that it is because of them that impossible is now possible.

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