“People with great passion can make the impossible happen”-well demonstrated by DJ Raahyl

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People are born with different skills and talents and there are few who turn their talent into their passion. Someone’s likelihood of success rises in direct proportion to how enthusiastic they are about their work and how motivated they are to always work on improving themselves. Following one’s passion increases the probability of financial and conventional success since the time and effort put into the endeavor are motivated by passion and devotion. The individuals like DJ Raahyl are the perfect example of those who follow their passion and become successful in their life.

Rahil Mestry who is popularly known by his popping name Dj Raahyl , turned his passion into a career. With absolutely no idea of this success, he just believes in hard work and perseverance which made him the renowned dj artist and music producer of the music industry. He has won many awards for his excellence in unique music creation and amazing dj remixes . He was awarded as best dj 2022 by Filmfare middle east . He even performed at the world’s biggest event of 2022, World Expo 2022 Dubai for 5 times. Not only that he was also nominated in the category of to 25 asian djs 2022 by Edmdroid and was the winner of BSF War of djs UAE 2017. 

Theses all are huge achievements for him that he believes to be achieved by his determination and confidence. Abandon the fast lane. Harness your power to your passion if you truly want to fly. Observe your calling. Everyone owns one. Success will come to you if you follow your heart. Dj Raahyl followed his passion and decided to stand out from the crowd and made his name in the music industry, which is the most competitive industry.


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