Nitish govt failed, Bihar at bottom of all development indicators: Tejaswi

Patna, April 20 : Opposition leader Tejaswi Prasad Yadav alleged on Wednesday that the Nitish Kumar government had failed on all fronts over the last 17 years, placing Bihar at the bottom of all states in the country in terms of development indicators. Yadav, in a letter released here which he termed ‘Dil ki Baat’, said that the Nitish Kumar government had failed on all fronts in the last 17 years and Bihar had slipped to the bottom of all state in the country, in terms of various development indicators. The highest poor population and highest number of unemployed youths were in Bihar, as per reports released by NITI Aayog, he added. Leader of the opposition said that NITI Aayog, several Central institutions and agencies, in their reports had highlighted the fact that Bihar slipped to the bottom of all states on development ladder. It was a result of the failure of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who had been at the helm of affairs for the last 17 years, he added. Yadav said that instead of accepting the truth and taking remedial measures, the Nitish government was found confronting Central agencies on its data and methodology of assessment. If Biharis were performing well in other parts of the country with their merits and hard work, they could also do so in their home state, he added. The leader of the opposition said that he was pained to see the vast difference between developments in other states and Bihar. NDA government led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was called by the government of double engines by BJP but its result was for all to see, he pointed out. Yadav said that there was no hope left from the present regime in Bihar as it had been only misleading the people to cover up its failures. It was time for the people to make their own efforts to bring positive changes in Bihar, he added. JD(U) MLC Neeraj Kumar, reacting to the allegation of Yadav, said that the Nitish government had succeeded in accelerating the pace of development of the state with justice to all. His party JD(U) was prepared for a debate on the issue with Tejaswi on any date and venue, as he liked, he challenged. “JD(U) nominates Ajit Singh, son of state RJD president Jagadanand Singh for debate with Tejaswi on allegations levelled by him”, Kumar said, adding that Ajit Singh had recently joined JD(U) after deserting RJD as he was frustrated with the party. He advised Yadav to stop spreading false and initiating negative debates. KKS ARN

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