Friday , 19 October 2018
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New Bladder & A Renewed Joy of Life

Udaipur : Geetanjali Medical College & Hospital’s Urologist Dr. Vishwas Baheti have successfully performed the neo bladder reconstruction, a surgical procedure to construct a new bladder recently. The surgery was done on a 55 years old male, hukaram hailing from Sirohi district and suffering from muscle invasive bladder cancer. To create a neo bladder, Dr. Baheti had first removed the cancerous bladder (cystectomy) through abdominal incision.

After this, a section of small intestine was then reshaped into a sphere, which becomes the neo bladder. The neo bladder was then placed in the same location inside the body as the original bladder. The neo bladder was attached to ureters so that urine can drain from kidneys into the neo bladder. The other end of the neo bladder was attached to your urethra. This allowed urinary control with a functional bladder capable of storing urine without the need for external bags or appliances. The surgery lasted more than 10 hours. The team of surgeons including Dr. Baheti, also includes Urologist Dr. Pankaj Trivedi, Anesthetist Dr. Uday Pratap, OT Staff Pushkar Saini, Jayprakash Salve & Avinash Ameta.

“The surgery was really complicated as it requires expertise and skills to perform it successfully. The reconstruction of bladder has many risks and complications including excessive bleeding, infection, blood clots, and urine leakages. Many surgeons perform the traditional ileal conduit surgery involving removal of the bladder and creating a small reservoir from a segment of a bowel, and the patient wears a bag over the stoma to collect urine.  However, with  neo bladder surgery, a new bladder was created using a section of 40 centimeters of small intestine,” said Dr. Baheti, the Urologist, GMCH.

Patient Hukaram, age 55 years, was suffering from blood in urine, uncontrollable urine, problems in passing the urine. On consultation at a nearby hospital & the investigation of biopsy, it was confirmed as bladder cancer. On visit to Geetanjali Hospital, & consultation with Dr. Baheti surgery was performed. The patient recovered well and is leading a normal life. The patient was treated free under the flagship scheme of Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana (BSBY).


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