Wednesday , 22 March 2023
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Naxalite Command-in-Chief arrested in Chhattisgarh

Naxalite Command-in-Chief arrested in Chhattisgarh

Sukma : Naxalite Kerlapal Area Command-in-Chief Madvi Mohan has been arrested on Friday by a joint operation of police and CRPF from the forest between village Upampalli and Gondpalli of Pollampalli area.

There are criminal cases registered against the arrested Naxalites in more than 30 incidents in various police stations.


The arrested Maoist, with a reward of 5 lakh on him, disclosed in front of the police that due to the continuous surrender, arrest and killing of big Naxalites in encounters, the Naxal organisation has become weak and the scope of the Naxal organisation has been reduced. The arrest of the said Naxalite involved joint action of CRPF 74 Corps, DRG, District Force.

A sledgehammer gun, a black coloured pelt bag, 5 electric detonators, 3 nos of gelatin rod, about 10 meters of cardex wire, a multimeter, a compass, a radio, 4 batteries, a packet tiger bomb, two tarpaulins Membrane, a knife, medicines, Naxalite documents and other daily useful materials have been recovered in his possession.

Addressing the press conference in Sukma Superintendent of Police’s office, CRPF DI Arvind Roy, SP Sunil Sharma, CRPF 74 Corps Commandant DN Yadav, Naxal Ops ASP Kiran Chavan told that the presence of 10-12 armed Naxalites in Polmalli police station area of the district was reported. But on the night of September 23, from Police Pollampalli, TIC Sandeep Bijaraniya of 74 Corps CRPF and Police In-charge Pollampalli Sub Inspector Nisar Niyazi Hamrah Jilbal, DRG and 74 Corps CRPF joint force on the information of the presence of Naxalites left for village Tongguda, Upampalli, Gondpalli.

During the campaign, the police party was moving towards Upampalli while searching the forest-hill of Gondpally that around 11 in the forest between Gondpally and Upampalli, 10-12 uniformed armed and plain-clothed Naxalites appeared. Those who saw the police party coming towards them started running under the cover of hill and dense forest. The Naxalites were also chased by the police party and 1 Naxalite was arrested while fleeing. On interrogation, his name was Madvi Mohan (27), son of Madvi Dula, resident of Dabbapara East, from Kerlapal Area Committee of Naxalite organisation, is said to be working on of Area Command-in-Chief (ACM).

Joining the organisation, actively working for 13 consecutive years, currently working as Command-in-Chief in Kerlapal Area Committee under Darbha Division.

Navarali Mohan has 29 offences registered against him in the district’s police station, Keralapal, Gadiras, Phulbagadi, such as murder, robbery, dacoity, arson, attempt to murder. In some cases, arrest warrants are issued by the court.