Tuesday , 18 May 2021
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Myanmar extends COVID-19 restrictions till July 31

Myanmar extends COVID-19 restrictions till July 31

The restrictions include  limitations on social gatherings, enforcing social distancing and limiting the number of passengers in the public transport services and restaurants among others. Wearing a face mask in public is mandatory during this period.

Restrictions on the issue of visa has already been extended to July 31 earlier. Myanmar has also banned all international flights till July 31. Vice President Henry Van Thio had announced last week that the international flights are likely to resume in October. 

Myanmar has eased certain restrictions also. Ban on gatherings of more than 5 people has been lifted for government offices, schools and factories. Restaurants are allowed to entertain a limited number of people. Domestic flights have also been opened with restrictions on the number of people per flight.

State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi has announced  that the government will initiate steps next week to reopen schools that had to close down due to COVID

The number of confirmed Coronavirus cases in Myanmar has reached 337. Six deaths have been reported so far. Close to 95,000 people have been tested since late March when the country reported the first case of Corona.