Thursday , 6 May 2021
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Kerala reports 123 new Covid 19 positive cases today

Kerala reports 123 new Covid 19 positive cases today

Briefing media persons in Thiruvananthapuram Thursday evening, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said 53 persons recovered after initially testing positive.

The state has 113 hotspots as of today.

The Chief Minister cautioned against lowering the guard in the fight against the virus, as experts have warned that positive cases are likely to show exponential rise by August next.

He said the state is planning to increase the number of hospitals, ICU  and ventilator facilities to treat Covid patients. The testing facilities are also being ramped up, with 15,000 tests a day by next month.

The Chief Minister noted that  Kerala was able to contain community transmission by expatriates to a great extent. This was largely due to home quarantine measures strictly implemented in the state. 

He said facilities for conducting antibody tests have been made at all airports.  However, 14 -day quarantine is mandatory for all expatriates  including those who have tested negative after arriving at the airport.