Wednesday , 4 August 2021
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Jal Shakti Minister thanks TN man for his contribution to rainwater harvesting awareness

Jal Shakti Minister thanks TN man for his contribution to rainwater harvesting awareness

Shekhawat sought to know how Dr Raghavan went door to door spreading awareness about rain water harvesting. 

He also assured to meet him during his next visit to Chennai and to help him further his activities. Dr Raghavan expressed that the call from Delhi had him pleasantly surprised as he had never spoken to any central minister. He said he had never thought that he would ever receive any such call. 

Director of Rain Centre located in Chennai Dr Raghavan is known for having turned rain water harvesting into a movement. He began his journey in 1995 by going to door to door and convincing people to adopt rain water harvesting.

He also helped many families to install the rain water harvesting systems in their homes. The Tamil Nadu government appreciate his efforts and made him a part of their work in this direction. Thanks to his efforts , in 2002, the Akash Ganga trust started the Rain Water centre in Chennai which was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister J Jayalalitha. 

Recently this centre has started an initiative for economical use of underground sources of water. Under this, social service organisations are being encouraged to get rain water harvesting done in their surroundings. 

Even at the ripe age of 74, Dr Raghavan visits schools and educates children about the benefits of conserving rain water. Having heard of Dr Raghavan’s efforts, Shekhawat wished to talk to him regarding his pursuit of this great service to humanity.

In a bid to highlight their efforts to the people of the country, Shekhavat has started a series of conversations with water warriors from across the country who have been doing their bit to preserve and conserve water. In his last conversation, he spoke to 82 year old Kaamegowda from Daasanadoddi village in Karnataka, who had singlehandedly created 14 lakes on a hilltop.


Vishal Baristo